Colorful Explosion: approaching Margarita Morales

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When we talk about artists, we tend to pigeonhole all these people into a mold of substance consumption and laziness, waiting for a muse that lands before their eyes and can create something, which we call art. The privileged artists enrich themselves with their works, which for many is meaningless or rich people overvalue.

Every time I have the opportunity to write about an artist of any kind, I like to emphasize the humanity that is in them, talk a little about their private life and a bit about their training and much about their essence. This to erase that paradigm and get closer to the real one. Successful artists work with discipline, talent, and expression.

Margarita Morales © Solkes


Margarita from México to the world

Margarita Morales is a proud plastic artist originally from Tamaulipas, Mexico. She has had the opportunity to exhibit in various parts of the world and also to reside abroad. Margarita is an extremely talented woman, full of life and color. Her essence as a person and her roots have helped her to be very successful in her profession and in her life.

Berlin is an ideal place to spread to the world. Many of my works created here have gone to countries as remote and different as Azerbaijan or Kenya.

For me it is important to transmit these life experiences to other foreigners, to encourage them to be themselves and thus integrate into their second homes doing what they love, training and sharing their lifestyles.This is why we asked the dynamic Margarita.

Arandy: How has your life as an artist been in Berlin?

Margarita Morales: Since arriving from Mexico to Berlin I have been very lucky. For 13 years I had my own showroom and at the same time atelier in the center of the German capital, a few steps from the great museums and the Brandenburg Gate. It was a great experience, I held events with my work and sometimes invited other friendly artists to participate. The first of November, the day of the dead that for us Mexicans means a lot, was always very special. I prepared the traditional altar of the dead with which we remember our deceased.

Margarita Morales © Solkes

I decorated it with portraits of characters from Mexico and Germany, with flowers, food dishes, glasses filled with Tequila and Mezcal – all embellished with brightly colored confetti.

The skulls of my country could not be missing, a custom that at first the Germans found curious.

I remember the year very well when musicians from the Berlin Symphonica visited us and played Mexican rhythms.

A great success was my arrival at the Sinaloa Art Museum (Mexico) where I had the honor of opening the Contemporary Art Room.

I put together a collection of 25 large-format pieces of mine. For me it is always a surprise when my works are presented in wide spaces and the set forms a creative ensemble that lets the viewer fly his imagination.

Choosing the right path

A successful person is always open to possibilities and attentive to signs. In the case of a painter as renowned as Margarita, we asked ourselves how she chose or how she became an artist. We asked her, so she told us a little about how it was formed.

Margarita Morales: In Mexico City, at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana at its Xochimilco Campus, I completed my degree in visual communication. It is only in Europe that I have dedicated myself fully to painting. Since I was a child I was involved in the art world thanks to my parents and my older sister who is a very prestigious painter. She is now an art teacher at the university. At first, her works were a source of inspiration for me, although her path was that of the figurative while I discovered my vocation for the abstract.

For me it is always a surprise when my works are presented in wide spaces and the set forms a creative ensemble that lets the viewer fly his imagination.

One of the teachers that most marked me in my artistic development was Carlos Aguirre, a highly talented Mexican artist and continuous innovator.

One of her favorite exercises with the students was to make us draw a figurative work and then break it into a thousand pieces.

After this cataclysm we had to create new forms. It was not easy to accept that what had cost so much effort was destroyed, until seeing the unexpected result. It was a super effective exercise for developing creativity, turning an image of the real world into something unreal. Aguirre made us lose the fear of transforming the established, led us to play with risk, without losing sight of aesthetics, balance and harmony.

Margarita Morales © Solkes

Friendships, teachers, family can be the source to discover which path to take, as well as to consider personal abilities and whether we are willing to combat the difficulties that each profession faces. For our beloved Margarita Morales there are no limits.

Arandy: What is the most difficult part of your profession?

Margarita Morales: If you like what you do, nothing seems impossible to you. I am passionate about my profession, it gives me freedom to express myself in a fantasy world without limit, shaping colors accompanied by the imagination, breaking barriers beyond logic, creating a new autonomous visual language.


Interpretation of art paintings


If they have already been in a museum, the most recurring question when viewing an abstract painting is what the author wanted to paint.

Margarita Morales © Solkes

It would seem a joke to ask us such a question, but each painting is interpreted by each viewer differently, many times the names of the works or some figure that stands out for its liveliness or its simple appreciation and being able to ask this of an artist we were delighted with their response.

Arandy: What are you trying to express in your art?

Margarita Morales: I am passionate about creating works that represent the joy of living, despite the many contradictions that are convulsing the world. You have to get to the depths of existence. Art allows us to mix sadness with pleasure, which is a complementary way of finding ourselves. Through abstraction I have found the best way to express myself. I mainly paint with acrylic material that allows me to erupt my feelings and visions. Perhaps that is why I prefer large formats that leave the viewer wrapped in a world of their own associations.

She evokes in his imagination an entire universe, stimulated by the fusion of colors and strokes. In my art I try to express the strength of an indomitable nature through the colors in its various facets of luminosity, the sensation of its aroma, its freshness.

In the photographs that the artist provided us we can give ourselves the opportunity to exploit in that colorful force of joy that Margarita transmits to us.

Artistic process

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I like to deny that image that you have of artists, for this we asked Margarita to tell us what she does to paint, has a process or awaits inspiration, and this was her response: The study and the experience they are an important factor in the creation of the work. Inspiration is always waiting to be awakened and expressed, but that requires constant discipline, dedication, effort and organization.

Margarita Morales © Solkes

As you can see in Margarita’s words, a work is not carried out waiting for the muse, for her the inspiration is the one that waits for us to decide to be applied and dedicated.



For many, acquiring an original work is unimaginable, but for many it is a dream and I want to share that the work of Margarita Morales is available.

Arandy: Is it possible to acquire your work and where?

Margarita Morales © Solkes

Margarita Morales: I like to personally meet collectors who are interested in my work. So the best way is for them to come to my atelier house in Prenzlauerberg, a charming neighborhood of Berlin, known for its bohemian atmosphere. In addition, I currently have works at the Mexican Embassy in Germany and at the ArtCadia Gallery in Berlin.

Margarita is undoubtedly an interesting woman and full of experiences to share. We see a lot of it in his new visual language and without hesitation we are left with a good taste in the mouth. Spreading the talent is always a pleasure.

Margarita Morales, is a great exponent of Mexican art in the world, providing an excellent performance in her specialty as is abstract painting. Showing the world the beauty through his paintings, we entered the world of painting and art with great ease. As the author has her art, she has had a great acceptance and seeing the sample that she provides us, we have no doubt why.

Translated By: Laura Viera A

If you are interested in knowing more about the author or communicating with her, find her on social networks:

Facebook: Margarita Morales
Twitter: @MargMoralesArt
Instagram: @MargMorales
Linkedin: Margarita Morales/Fine Arts
Whatsapp: +49 179 46 17 034
Representation : Frank Roters: +49 176 24 55 60 90

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