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The controller and manager of the information collected will be Solkes ( or THE COMPANY) and may be contacted by the following means.

Address: Riesstra 68, 80993 Munich
Phone: +4903060947084

If there are any unresolved complaints, they may be made by providing the following information:

• Information that should be updated, rectified or deleted.
• Acknowledge being the owner of the information that should be actualised, rectified or deleted.

The personal information provided by the users, visitors, may be used in the following manner: database, reproduction, copy and use of information of the newsletter. To create a profile; participate in a sweepstakes, contest or game; take a survey; participate in a community forum; or contact customer service.

Personal data provided by the user to the company, will be used for the purpose of improving or verify the content that is sent by the user to the Website, improve the quality of PORTAL, store, measure visits and own statistical uses of the Website, verify the user’s identity and contact him.
The data provided will be stored by the term given by law to document storage trader.

The COMPANY accepts to protect the database created from information of the user, dealing with the utmost diligence and confidentiality, for which it assumes the technical and security features necessary for assurance measures information.

THE COMPANY is not responsible for the misuse of databases by unauthorized third parties, since there are no guarantees that they cannot get to obtain information illegally.

The company takes all possible measure to make it safe, however, it can’t guarantee completely the handling of data, since the proper management of the user is essential to achieve a safe environment of the Website, which includes the following commitments: a) not sending or posting unauthorised commercial communications (such as spam) through information that may be obtained directly or indirectly from the Website. b) no gathering of information or content of other users, or otherwise accessing the Website unauthorised, using automated means without our permission.
c) not engaging in marketing practices through the Website. d) not uploading viruses or malicious code of any type. e ) Do not post content that is hateful, threatening or pornographic; or that incites violence; or containing nudity or graphic violence. h) Do not use the Website for unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory acts. I) don’t do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper functioning the Website, as a deny service. j) the Website uses cookies to facilitate navigation of its users. If the user wants it, you can configure the browser to cookies being installed on your computer, but you can make your slower navigation. k) Other contemplated in the present policies and the code of ethics.

The USER accesses the Website completely freely and at their own initiative, completely aware of their responsibilities with local and international laws. and its responsibility strict compliance with local or international laws. The COMPANY accepts no liability for damages resulting from improper, illegal or immoral contents the USER may have with the Website.

Additionally, the company assumes no responsibility to content omissions, damage, malfunction, limitations, bugs, viruses or other problems of the information contained in the Website. The company will do everything to prevent what is stated above.
The Website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. The user must read the policies and conditions of the sites you access, understanding that the COMPANY has no control over third party sites, so it will not be responsible for any damages that may eventually cause these portals.

The content of the Website is only for informational, promotional and entertainment purposes. USERS opinions do not necessarily correspond with the Company represented, therefore it is not responsible in any way for the damages, claims resulting from the views expressed. The Company is not responsible for any opinion or content of any kind that the user does.

Comments, writings, research, reports and other products of the work of columnists and contributors of the Website do not compromise or link under any liability to the company, since the free development of his profession, may have opinions that are not necessarily they are in line with the policy and position of the company.

You understand and agree that nothing supplied in the Forums, Blogs and other open spaces to the public, forces the company, so you agree not to send or post content that: a) is incentive to vandalism or illicit acts; b) Request or advertises the money collection; c) violates child pornography laws (Act 679 of 2001 and Law 1336 of 2009); d) Violate any right as Industrial Property, Copyright, etc .; e) defames or insults any natural or legal person; f) invade privacy; g) contains obscenity; h) contain aggression or threat; i) or any other that goes against the moral, legal and moral standards.

All content of the Website is protected under the regulations of Copyright, Industrial Property and by the law applicable to the case. USERS understand, accept and respect the rights of the Company on the material, having to ask for explicit authorisation for publication by any means.

All content, including trademarks, logos and distinctive signs that are posted on the Website, are owned by the company or third parties authorized by the express business relationship including its trademarks and other. Misuse that generates a violation of property rights will be reported to the competent authorities according to Colombian laws, international laws and specifically as stipulated in Law No. 23 of 1982, Decision 351 and Decision 486 of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN).

The links that redirect the Website will have to be expressly authorized by commercial agreement. Similarly, the company reserves the right to prohibit or cancel any link that is not authorized or to be, is failing to comply with the order agreed.
To obtain permits and licenses of any material or content portal owned by the company, they must communicate with the editors by email, make a relevant request and response.

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