María Siro: an enthusiastic painter

Once again I have the pleasure of introducing you to a successful woman in the field of art. An artist with capital letters. A tireless person when it comes to achieving her goals.

María Siro © Solkes

In love with beauty, María Siro gives us beautiful works and exhibitions from her place of origin, Aguascalientes, México.

As I have told you, I like to show more of the person behind the work, exposing their reality, their vision.

The truth is that the training is also very important, because this broadens our vision and thus we can understand them differently. This are works by the spectacular authors that we present to you at Solkes.

Of course I also leave this as a recommendation. If you are going to an exhibition, do some research on the painter or painters, actors or dancers. This provides another look at the works. And they can do it before or after attending.


A profile on María Siro


Here I present the official profile that the talented painter gave us. María Siro Multidisciplinary artist from Aguascaliente carried out higher studies in the area of ​​Architecture, awakening her interest in the arts and culture.

Her training began at the Faculty of Arts of Guanajuato in 2002, later she graduated from the Lic. In Visual Arts from ICA in 2008, specializing in Painting. She was part of the production workshops of the Visual Arts Center having constant activity within the state.

María Siro © Solkes

In 2018, she was selected at the J.M. Monroy de Guadalajara in the category of consolidated artists and in the XI National Painting and Engraving Alfredo Zalce Biennial in Morelia Michoacán.

Winner of the 6th. Biennial of Drawing and Painting Enrique Guzmán in 2014, in 2015 she surprises us with the individual exhibition “Tempus” at the Museum of Contemporary Art No.8.

María Siro © Solkes

She exhibited in spaces such as the Manuel Felguerez Museum of Abstract Art, has more than 50 collective, 5 individual, other states such as Museo Ferrocarrilero de Otumba Estado de México, Museo Ferrocarrilero de Chápala, Celaya, Morelia, Durango, Cuernavaca, Oaxaca in the area of ​​graphics and painting.

Siro has been selected on numerous occasions in competitions in her state. She has collaborated in the illustration of texts such as the magazine Parteaguas, the Dolores Castro Poetry Prize, published in the art magazine FAHRENHEIT, has been a qualifying jury in children’s competitions, workshop leader and teacher on the subject. To mention part of his career and his development within the Visual Arts.

My words seem recurrent, but once again we come across a magnificent woman and artist who has prepared hard to pursue a successful career in the art world.

She is certainly not sitting waiting for the muse to appear, she takes her inspiration and leads her to the lynch in a continuous work, looking for opportunities to fully indulge in the plastic and visual arts.


General opinion about the works provided by the author


In most of the works that we can see in the photographs that María Siro gave us, we can wrap ourselves in her knowledge with those terrarium colors and see how she unfolds in various techniques with a formed style.

María Siro © Solkes

This leads us to think of very natural constructions or buildings, reminding us where we came from and inviting us to dream of other worlds and reflect on our own.

We can fully notice the talent that María Siro possesses and in the background we see the long training that this artist’s paintings entail.


Brief interview with María Siro

When I contacted María and read her profile and observed her images, four questions arose in my mind to get to know María better and reveal her humanity.

María Siro © Solkes

The first one that came was for our readers who possibly want to dedicate themselves to the plastic arts and do not know whether to do so or not, since we still have those prejudices that we try to eliminate. I thought about Maria giving them a few words.

Arandy: What would you say to someone who wants to dedicate himself to art?

María Siro: If you want to dedicate yourself to art, it is why you like it, it amazes you, why did you find that something that shouts it at you from within, but it is not an easy path and never doubt yourself, the rest comes in addition, time, work and results.

With her words she refreshed the idea of ​​perseverance and self-assurance. If your desire is to be an artist of any kind, don’t give up. Go for your dream.

María Siro © Solkes

I also like to know about the short-term plans of each artist we interview, so that we can support them by spreading their work.

Arandy: Do you have projects in the near future?

María Siro: Yes, at this moment we are about to participate in some calls for object art and painting. And we are also seeking sponsorship for a large-format solo show.

María Siro © Solkes


Hopefully, she will achieve these goals and if any of our readers, want to sponsor her , they should do so.

Arandy: Another question that is recurring in my mind is how artists work, how is your creative process? It was the exact question I asked Maria.

María Siro: Well, they are triggers of my environment, or topics that you want to cover, I analyze them, I question myself, I wonder where I want to go with that idea, it is to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, which I want to show and achieve.

Arandy: what is the best thing about your profession or what do you like the most about being a painter?

María Siro: Painting gives me freedom and makes me feel life. In painting I find a safe place in this world.

Through this last answer we can verify that art is ultimately food for our being, that it offers us an infinite number of proposals to recreate, transform and express ourselves, to know ourselves better, fully enjoy all our feelings and sensations and even create our own world.

María Siro © Solkes

Maria is an example for many women who want to venture into the world of fine arts. A woman with talent and preparation who shows us that no matter how many obstacles we find in the way and results are our circumstances, we can achieve our dreams. We always have to work to develop the talent that we carry within.

Instagram: Mariasiroart
Facebook: Guadalupe Silva Roldan

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