The Ultraman

A few years ago Isra García never imagined that her life would become an inspiration for many and a legacy of hope for others.

According to him, it began with “Unconsciousness”, since you have to be “unconscious” to dare to undertake something without having the slightest idea.

The beginning

Isra García © Solkes

Isra García is a Spaniard, a citizen of the world, an expert in Innovation and Marketing, who leads a company based in several countries. It was this same relationship with Marketing and social networks that made him transcend borders and have followers everywhere, who in real time accompanied him in his exploits.

It all started in 2010, when a friend invited him to participate in a Triathlon, at that time he was swimming just under 100 Mts and had never been on a mountain bike; 60 days later he was ready for the Triathlon and 1 year later he participated in Iron Man, his performance was increasing and that is how in 2013 he qualified to be an Ultraman, a competition that has only the best in the world.

In 2014, after having won the highest awards and having achieved the incredible, he began to lose motivation, “When you don’t have much left to overcome, what is the next step?”


Burning Man Quest

In 2014 he embarked on an ambitious project: Burning Man Quest, a social and adventure initiative with the great challenge of achieving positive change in less favoured communities and using sport as a tool.

His goal, to build the first Music School in Langa, a Cape Town slum in South Africa. In this, Isra found enormous motivation, found support and a powerful vehicle for change to transform the lives of people who do not have the same opportunities. It was then that he thought: “If I could create something inside that would generate change outside, it would be which is why it is worth crossing seas and mountains without sleeping ”.

These 573 kilometers non-stop and the joy of generating a change in others through his effort, gave him the motivation to never stop, while a powerful flame was lit inside his life that would lead him to want to transform life of many through their exploits.

Isra García © Solkes

This year’s challenge is Colombia and the chosen cities are Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta, 3 Iron man in 678 kms for children with cancer from the María José Foundation, which provides support to more than 430 children who suffer from this terrible disease.

Two great friends and philanthropists have joined his challenge: Roberto Moeira and Christian Misle. “We are in the world to find meaning in life and help others and Colombia is a country with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to grow.” The final purpose of this challenge is to open in Bogotá the “Center for Children with Cancer”, a place where all sick children can find support for their medical treatment, recreation, psychological care and well-being.

I am not a professional athlete, but several years ago I changed my training and eating habits.

“Listening to his body” and “Macrobiotic Nutrition”, combining her hectic work life between Spain, London, the United States and Colombia with her training, which includes various sports such as Pilates and Stretching and great spiritual and mental strengthening.

Isra wants to leave a legacy in the world, she wants to positively change the lives of others and inspire those who have opportunities to improve the conditions of those who do not. “Anyone in the world can create a positive impact, no matter how big or small.” The important thing for him is to set consistent goals and objectives, and to take time to bring light and value to the lives of others.

I want that death finds me very alive that every year that goes by are like five years

The most valuable thing that Isra transmits to us is that you do not have to declare yourself a philanthropist or abandon everything to leave a legacy to the world, you can take advantage of talents in a positive and coherent way in favor of the less favored. If every human being devoted a small portion of his time to making a change, no matter how small, the world would be a better place.

“We are OBLIGED to create change because of the privileges we enjoy every day. All of this is a platform, something more than an opportunity to add value, a way of giving back and honoring what has brought you to this point ”.


Time is finite and life is fleeting

Isra García © Solkes

For Isra, time is finite and life is fleeting, that is why she wants to live to the fullest and contribute in large amounts, helping others is the best way to live, she cannot live longer and better, her happiness is sitting down to write her blog, his conferences and his sporting challenges, all focused on generating a change.

Isra believes that exceeding yourself and helping others is a way of teaching values ​​such as discipline, courage, and a commitment to making the world a better place. He is, without a doubt, the example that you do not need to have time or money to spare to change the world, you need will and execution.

If all human beings with opportunities put a small grain of sand for those who do not have them, the world would be fairer, more humane. It is never too late to start, there is no limit on ideas or resources, no matter how big or small the purpose, every action counts. And you, where are you going to start changing the world?

Translated By: Laura Viera A

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