The Foco Tonal

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The Tonal Focus is a circle on the earth, in which a curious phenomenon occurs. When standing in the center and a sound is emitted, it seems to echo. Even, the effect is such that it seems to be surrounded by walls or inside a tube, why is the phenomenon so interesting, because the circle is in the open air!

The controversy begins in an attempt to explain this phenomenon. There are those who say that the Tonal Focus is a point where the cosmic energy arrives and takes the earthly energy, which causes recharging of energy or even curing of some affections and pains. It is said that the result is health wellness. However, others assure that it is only an acoustic phenomenon, called: reverberation, produced by a circle -like a small stool-, of that point.

There is no official version and it is best to live it; to experience the phenomenon in order to understand the sensation.

What is the history of the Foco Tonal (Tonal Focus) in Ocotlán, Jalisco?

In 1998, an inhabitant of the town of Ocotlán, Jalisco was totally hopeless by traditional medicine. The doctors had informed him that one of his legs had to be amputated. Then, a nurse at the hospital told him about a man whom she recommended that he seek him out because, using methods other than conventional medicine, he might be able to cure him. That is how she met José Sebastián Zamora.

Ivan Pelisek © Solkes

The destitute man entered the doctor’s office with crutches and, miraculously, walked out without using them. When he returned to Ocotlán, he told his friend and neighbor Don Manuel Domínguez, who is the owner of the castle in this place, about the miracle that had happened to him.

Domínguez was impressed to hear his story and told him that he wanted to meet the person who had cured him so he could invite him to his castle. Then, José Zamora arrived at what is known today as “FOCO TONAL”.

There he had his first contact with the owner. “The healer: José Sebastián, told me that he had already visited my castle on three occasions, through astral travel,” explained Don Manuel, “but that, not knowing the territory, he could not locate it at an exact point. He described the place to me before physically seeing it. According to what he said, this was the area he had been looking for so long”. AN ENERGY POINT. After this encounter, which left Don Manuel impressed, two years passed until they met again.

On this occasion, José Zamora told the owner, Don Manuel, some unexpected news: a very powerful energy point was converging on his plot of land, indicating its exact location. The energy that converges here,” says Don Manuel, “is in constant circulation. It goes around the Earth and returns to this point again.

All those who came to my home as guests said they felt a very special peace and tranquility. However, at first, the owner of the castle did not know what to do with this information and time passed without pain or glory, until one day Don Manuel, was sitting on the supposed energy point.

Ivan Pelisek © Solkes

When he went to turn around to talk to his relatives, he realized that something very strange was happening there. Only at a specific point, which to this day is totally inexplicable. It is the typical reverberation that one hears when talking to the radio through a microphone and that, at the same time, is heard through headphones. This fact was the trigger for him to be convinced and to start the construction of what today is the “FOCO TONAL”, which was inaugurated in November 1998.

The Castle in Foco Tonal is a private residence of the owner and his family. On one side of it, there is a chapel for healings.

El Foco Tonal is located at kilometer 4 of the Cuitzeo-El Zapote highway, in the municipality of Poncitlán, Jalisco, Mexico.
The road is free and there are few gas stations along the way, so I recommend leaving Guadalajara with a full tank of gas, which is enough to get to Cuitzeo without any problems.

Important and necessary information

The ticket costs $30.00 Mexican pesos per person. Parking is the same.
Visiting hours are from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Sunday during the normal season.
The weekends are when they receive the largest number of visitors, so it is necessary to get a ticket to enter the circle where the Tonal focus is.

1. To enter the circle of the Foco Tonal
If it is the first time you go and there is no crowd, there is always a guide who is in charge of directing the newcomers.
In case there are a lot of people at the entrance, at the moment of paying the admission ticket they hand out a turn card and direct you to the corresponding place.
The staff is very friendly. If you have any questions or particular needs, talk to them.

Ivan Pelisek © Solkes

2. Ritual before entering
It is important to respect this part, it consists of praying a short prayer to St. Germain and entering the circle of the Tone Focus barefoot. I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes that are easy to take off and put on, and that you wear socks because the mosaic floor is cold.

3. What to bring
Objects to energize directly on the Tonal Focus, such as natural water, personal objects, metaphysical objects, or materials (pendulums, runes, rings, amulets, etc.), photos, etc.
During the visit, the guide usually suggests the energization of objects. But if he does not do it, you can request to do it.

There is also an esoteric store (very well stocked) and a food and beverage store.

They do allow pets, as the owners’ dogs roam freely within the property. In addition, I have seen other visitors waiting with their pets on the benches in the gardens.
Of course, transportation is available, and depending on the point of origin it can be foreign or local.

If you are Catholic or belong to any religion, you can attend, depending on your intention. There are those who go to worship St. Germain, others to talk to God, angels, or elves. But there are also those who go with the purpose of experiencing the strange acoustic phenomenon, from an agnostic or frankly atheistic point of view. Either way, it is a beautiful ride and worth going to, if only to enjoy the scenery.

The mistic concept

The mystical concept explains a different meaning according to each color we have in our aura.

The red, external a magnetic personality. Orange, a vital, energetic, and active personality. Yellow, speaks of bright and optimistic people. Green, of growth, energy, and foresight. Blue, of artistic and harmonious nature. Violet is the most spiritual color, as it contains blue plus the elements of vitality and the power of red. White is complete harmony and purity. Gold is protection and purification. Pink is manifested in people who like a quiet life and a beautiful and artistic environment. Black is discord and bad thoughts and gray is cold and hard personality outwardly (inwardly).

Ivan Pelisek © Solkes

In the experience I had, the guide asked us to close our eyes before starting the meditation.

After this step, I began to see the white under the curtain of my eyelids and geometric figures were appearing and in a distant way, I observed a small eye. Then, we were given the authorization to the group (about 6 people) to stay for 7 more minutes inside the circle, praying and asking for health.

It is a feeling that a spiritual sweeper comes and cleans you thoroughly, inside and outside; when you leave, you must not turn your back to the circle. You walk backward and you are grateful. Minutes before my daughter and I put on our shoes, (you go in barefoot) she commented that she felt as if she had just woken up.

Life perceptions

Giving their respective meaning to each one, according to the energy levels, although returning to the scientific concept, it would be said that the colors are due to fragmentation or chromatic dispersion (decomposition of white light in all its colors), which is why some people are able to observe through the air, the dance of these shades, during the short meditation, which takes place inside the circle.

Betty © Solkes

The scientific one, which says about the reverberation in the place. This is when a flash of light is propitiated on the surface of a shiny body, and as it decays, the reflection of that light increases.

Many people when entering the circle of the Tonal Focus, talk that they see a mesh of lights with different tonalities, among them red, yellow, green, blue, violet, etc.

Every human being has a different way of perceiving life. And we must be compassionate and honest, which is also a personal decision. I had the opportunity to live this experience with my family a few weeks ago. I can tell you that I lean towards the mystical concept. And you can live both experiences.

Translated By: Laura Viera A.

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