Urban Tribes

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Caracas is filled with contrasts, an eclectic city due to its people and landscapes and the home of those who share different passions, which have led to the formation of groups with loyal fans. Either passion for sports, arts, or nature, our city is the scenario of those groups that have been decided to be baptized as “urban tribes”.

Nanaro Lacruz © Solkes


The activities

Yoga, cycling, marathons, and bodybuilding are some of the most popular activities amongst the most active people from Caracas. The first has recently won a great number of followers that augment constantly with the curiosity of the famous practice from Hindu origin; the early bird marathoners, you can see them in the morning and several times a year they empower the avenues of the capital celebrating great events and races, the same goes for the cyclist, who has also won a fixed place on Sunday mornings in the “Cota Mil” that closes some avenues and streets for several hours, leaving the pavement free to pedal.

Luis Lacruz © Solkes

On the other hand, various gyms in different zones of Caracas are the dens of those who have done with their body art and have come to earn a famous place for both competitions and social networks, making some, in fact as counselors and motivators for this path.

A series of surroundings that are varied and apt for families, it is the one that is perceived between the people from Caracas, that have decided to join the tribe of the aerobics.

Dance and combat fitness is a combination of martial arts, boxing, and aerobic exercises with choreographs to the rhythm of the music; have the most followers and have generated a great amount of groups, especially the second one has generated a lot of variations within itself; and has given fame to many instructors and venues that have become fixed traditions, especially during the weekends from Parque del Este to squares and Malls.


Tribe: athletic or artistic

Another tribe that is quite large and popular and could be considered as “extreme athletic” is one of the skaters, together with the cyclist. Every Sunday they have appropriated the “Cota Mil” to exhibit their pirouettes and compete between them and pass the time between friends.

The latter gives access to artistic tribes. The skaters go hand in hand with graffiti, which despite having sown always controversial, defined by some as the art and by others as vandalism, is undoubtedly a trend in Caracas.

For enthusiasts of this world, it is very easy to recognize the work of one, and still, others are marking their territory through the city, individually or in groups, with a fairly competitive tribe. The graffiti is also linked with rappers that through this genre, have found a way to express and narrate the purest and true stories of life in the city.

Nomadic or sedentary, there is no doubt that these hippies share eternal passion for the exotic and natural world.

Rap has an enormous group of followers, but the metal in all its forms is certainly strong competition. Known in Caracas as the “eating cats” are one of the largest tribes; there is a significant amount of rock bands known nationally; hundred plus fans, also concerts and festivals throughout the year. These two musical tribes have also influenced the Caracas urban fashion on a great scale.

In another branch of art, beyond the commercial purpose but also setting trends; the Bohemian tribe of artisans already has several fixed points to display and sell their art in the city, being popular areas of Fine Arts and Sabana Grande.

But on the other hand, many prefer to lead a nomadic life traveling, especially for our beautiful beaches, for the same purpose.

Speaking about nature, they cannot be left behind since there are a lot of fans for it. Every person from Caracas agrees with Avila is one of the undisputed highlights of their city, that is why thousands of people spend at least one day a week to venture into the greenery of the “lungs” of the capital and enjoy the spectacular views it offers from its heights.

It is very common to find friends and groups that were born that the constant visits to the national park, including social support networks to provide advice and experience adventure in the different existing routes or even to sell and exchange items of hiking and camping.

Luis Lacruz © Solkes



Those who share their love of animals, they are responsible for organizing sessions of adoption and sterilization, with a strong campaign for both through social networks.

For those who prefer a simple walk or sit on the grass to sunbathe, the Parque del Este is also a perfect choice for contact with nature; with a variety of trees, plants, flowers, and birds that live there for the enjoyment of people from all ages.

Finally, a tribe that not only admires nature, nevertheless it is responsible to be their voice. Currently, there has been the phenomenon of abandoned pets on the streets that have been playing, causing overpopulation of stray dogs and cats. But fortunately, this has caused a number of organizations and groups to take control of the situation. Never mind that tastes are those that unite us or whether we are part of some of these urban tribes; it demonstrated that Caracas is a city full of diversity and lots of charm.

Translated By: Solkes

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