Life seedbed or dried fruit of hope

The quarantine confinement period due to COVID-19, leads us to think that just as we sail in the sea of ​​existence, we can be shipwrecked in a moment. And, if we thought we saw mankind reaching the top of so many creations, we found them more in the conquest of its vanity that reveals the human fragility in its wide dimension.

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Human fragility and Covid – 19

This have been a difficult few weeks to reflect on whether it is true that human life is worth more than money to survive, until we found that we are not prepared for this global collapse and that no country is capable of facing hospital requirements and ICUs of similar magnitude.

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Days of urgent political determinations, where one with feelings and others with adventure dare to presage its importance and outcome. So, with Shakespeare in “King Lear” we say “It is the time of the plague when men lead the blind”, because the lack of solidarity and social responsibility allows us to see better the weak and unprotected in their indefatigable struggle for subsistence.

Any how, as offsprings of mammals we have not left the wild in order to respond to the social commitment with the helpless and anonymous fighters caught in the networks of mercantilism in which daily life is.

An era that allows us to evaluate what we have done with nature that we have been ending, where everything has a price but no value. The apparent successes continues to exclude many who ask for their inclusion and that others perceive as a threat against their business freedom.

Meanwhile, the populism that has always been characterized by disrespect for the law, encourages the growth of what is expected under the promise of its fulfilment that does not always reach those who really need it because it is given to those who could use it or had something more.



A stage of crisis and anxiety, of thoughts and questions for human memory. Of anger and helplessness in the face of adversity.

A moment to assess how a global fact demands our personal, familiar and social collaboration and commitment to face an invisible and lethal enemy.

Hours that are days that add weeks that also allow a challenge that the human being has in his integral dimension. It is that during the COVID-19 confinement we went through various states of mind.

A.Abadía © Solkes

Sadness, boredom, worry, expectation, inner search, counting the hours that extend over days and more days, what is lived and comes, what is needed and what one has … thinking and thinking.

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Some, advocating reorientation in the face of the natural disenchantment in which we turned the world we live in. Others, wrapped in the cold and rainy night of social despair and drunk thoughts of disappointment. Those, merged into a toast for the inevitable.

Some, living in their saddened flooded eyes the surprising fatal news. They, interpreting a melancholic song on the strings that the guitar shouts and reciting a sonnet with a voice of anguish and regret remembering illuminated pages of life. And we…

Perhaps this is the opportunity to take a path that allows us to stop walking on wet roads of sadness that in its ocre fallen leaves carry the cold of the absences that are carried in the soul. The same that so many times in the forest of life remain as some trees sleep under the grey sky of melancholy or in the pyjamas of dry trunks that leave some memories.

Could it be that we are mistaken about the true meaning of human existence until the point letting ourselves be carried away by consumerism? Will it be possible to rectify the path in order to recognise solidarity, responsibility and social commitment? Are we or are we not part of the mercantile gear that our daily life turned us into? At what point did we lose value for the fundamentals? Are we experiencing the destruction of the human being?


Reinventing ourselves in hope


What we need is the agony of individualism and self-benefit. Surgical masks for corruption, to cover the red balances left by the lack of ethics and the bad practices of politics. Leave citizen silence before social indifference and welcome a better society from each of us through critical thinking and the full exercise of citizen rights.

Pedro Escola © Solkes

We still have the hope of a new dawn, where we rescue with love’s lifebuoy the hidden family spaces, the smile and joy that really shared time leaves, allowing the interior to flow with roots that remain in the heart …

We definitely need different actions, to reinvent our sensitivity, like the one that remains tied to the poet’s words that with his pen evokes sublime moments of love and in its lines the passion for what is loved and loved …

Covid-19 isolation has been a way to learn, recognize mistakes and silences. Now is when we need the power of wisdom to take the helm of the ship with faith, hope, solidarity and social responsibility.

It is that in the forest of human existence, the applause of branches are the memories, the trill hopes, and the breeze the charm of everything lived. So, we venture to be a seedbed that dignifies life from ourselves or we are definitely content to be a dried fruit that absorbed the best of our moments.

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