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Contrary to popular belief, the main reason for DIY is not (or should not be) about saving money. This is an extra, the saving money aspect of it. There are many reasons to do things yourself.

The main ones, at least for me, are: knowledge, new skills, and the enormous feeling of satisfaction that comes from building your own equipment. This is worth far more than money.

For younger people, the skills learned will be invaluable as you progress through life, and once started, you should continue to strive for making it yourself wherever possible.

Each and every new skill you learn enables the learning processes to be ‘exercised’, making it easier to learn other new things that come your way.

Solkes © Solkes

At a time when we’re immersed in the growing worlds of technology and all things virtual, it’s rather refreshing, once in a while, to go back to basics.

That being said, anyone who knows me knows I am a huge DIY enthusiast. I love it. I am well aware that many peopl find it boring but it completely relaxes me. If I had it my way, I would DIY everything!

So, when I found out there was a DO IT YOURSELF fair in Munich, I had to go. I wasn’t going to pass it out.

The DIY Fair

Solkes © Solkes

The CREATIVMESSE Munich is Bavaria’s largest fair on DIY (Do it yourself). More than 160 exhibitors showcase their products and techniques. Experts pass on their knowledge. It doesn’t matter Whether you are beginner or professional because everyone is invited!

Scrapbooking, T-shirt printing or jewelry design can be done hand in hand between the audiences and the exhibitors. Their main goal is to involve the peopl, to participate in creative projects.

I think it is agood opportunity to test tools, learn new techniques, and talk to the experts.

Even for the little ones, a visit to the CREATIVE FAIR is an exciting event. Many exhibitors specifically offer hands-on programs for children – gluing their own glass mosaic, making sand paintings and painting rocks will surely be quite an adventure.

MPA/Griebel © Solkes

The fun of making your own, the relaxation that goes along with it, and the desire for your own creations are what pushes the handwork fans. Most of the visitors are between 24 and 35 years old.

The desire for individually and personally designed beautiful works instead of mass-produced goods is continuing. This requires the right equipment.

The exhibitors at CREATIVMESSE therefore offer not only unusual and high-quality fabrics, knitting and crochet yarns, stamps, ribbons, paper, brushes, colors, pearls and jewelry accessories but also the necessary technical equipment such as sewing machines, plotters or fine tools.

Creating an enchanting space

Lets be honest. Making a space homey, an atmosphere enchanting, unique is essential. And with natural materials such as shells, coconut, grasses, flowers like frogwort, flame tree, wild lily from far away lands, an unusual atmosphere can be conjured up in your living room.

Since we went to this creative fair we decided to speak to some of the visitors.

Solkes © Solkes

Solkes: Since when do you do DIY projects?

Marieta: Since always. Ok, if im being exact since 10 years ago. I was looking for a special gift and couldn’t find it. So, I decided to try to do it on my own. It was overwhealming at the begining but I really enjoye it and from that moment on I beagn learning how to do many tings.

Christa: I am just getting started.

Sarah: Oh, well, I have always done things on my own. I specially like doing things like purses, bags, and so forth.

Solkes: What have you enjoyed the most?

Marieta: Oh, thats is an easy question. There are so mnay stands and that means that I have the opportunity to try products and learn so much.

Christa: Well, I really like that there is a lot to choose from.

Sarah: I think the stands that allow all the kids to try things are the best. My daughter and son really have fun.

I really enjoyed the natural cosmetics and soaps, handcrafted designer jewelery, hats, dresses, and accessories. I really liked the many original easter decorations. There was so much to discover.

The well-being factor

I believe that there are DIY is good for your wellbeing:

1. It encourages leaving technology alone for a period of time.

2. A manual DIY task that is completed gives enormous satisfaction.

3. Allowing ourselves time to indulge in ourselves through a practical activity is good for the brain and allows us to create new ideas.

4. It increases your self reliance.

The creative fair in Munich helped many rediscover the desire for sewing, knitting, painting, gluing, crafting, upcycling, quilting, and the huge range of materials and workshops offered by the more than 160 exhibitors.

So, as I witnessed many visitors traveled home with bulging backpacks and – some homemade – bags. They had plenty of cloth, pearls, wool, stamps, paint, jewelry, decoration and crafting material and their heads filled with sparkling ideas for unique DIY projects or fancy craft lessons in the day care center.

Finishing with a personal touch

This year, people favored stamps and fabrics. There were countless stamp motifs in various sizes for love greetings on paper or icing on elaborately designed maps, so that even beginners could conjure up awesome simply great projects, individual and very effective gifts. Scrapbooking and quilting were not ignored.

The hobby jewellery designers got their moneys worth thanks to all of the chain strands, beads, stones and pendants.

Solkes © Solkes

Do it yourself” is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. The world has been “infected” by those who like me, anjoy making things from scratch.

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