Alone in the darkness

Alone in the darkness It creeps in when no one has invited it.

It pours down each finger, slowly, taking its time. There is a certain romance in darkness and melancholy.

Walking the face of earth, undemanding, torn strings everywhere.

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Looking between shadows, a creature did lurk.

All alone in dark nights, all thoughts seem lifeless. Cussed by change, running from te truth… the darkness creeps in so slowly.

Crimson red fills the room, everything is spinning and it is harder to breath.

The walls are closing in, rapidly, smoothly, never changing, never stopping and it’s hard to breath.

The darkness creeps in. Time has taught me that in times of woe we carry masks to disguise the aching.

The smile is most certainly fake. While the darkness creeps in… I can never let out again the misery I hide.

The darkness creeps in alone in the darkness… I sit and I crumble.

My tears run blood and if I let my pain be seen I will cease to be.

I can hear it in my heart, what remains of it.

I know that blood will soon follow. I’m crying my soul I’m losing control.

[caption id="attachment_443" align="aligncenter" width="996"] Nessa Twix © Solkes[/caption]

I feel like darkness it’s slowly pulling me under.

The darkness won’t let go of this hold on me and I know I will give in. It’s pulling me under.. Pulling, pulling and I am under it.


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