An Eternal Romance with Songs

As it seems, now a days, there are more and more Latinamerican music groups invading every corner in the world. But, this is far from reality given that music has always run threw our veins. Ioma and Tiago are the perfect example.


Iomma and Tiago


Iomma © Solkes

A while back, on any given weekend, it is possible to find them on the stage of D’Toluca, in Cali, Colombia place where I met them. Every weekend the audience receives the opportunity of diving into a parallel world, going into another dimension.

The reason for this is that their sound is living one of its moments. Somehow, they showcase alternative, Latina, traditional and urban music. There are several representative sounds, after all, they describe themselves as an alternative, urban and Latin band.

When time comes to celebrate the love for music, nights are few and long. It is true love. Sound is undergoing a sort of revival in Cali-Colombia. It is one of arts most basic expressions. By some reason sound and music seem to be a thread in peoples lives.

One of the hardest things, at the moment is that due to the Covid – 19 lockdown period that Colombians have been under the stage at D’Toluca has been emptied. The restaurant is closed. This has meant that Ioma and Tiago have not been able to play of the usual audience.

Falling in love with music


They wagered many hours in record stores searching for moments that make the shiver. Before the digital era explosion they learned about music at reunions, at family parties, visiting the record stores. And, they visited so many stores, they knew all the music clerks, sometimes offensive, entitled, bounderish and arrogant, it didn’t matter because they were our spirit guides.

“We believe music is absolute enjoyment, arts in general allow a free train of thought and desired freedom, whether it be while writing, presenting it to the public, while playing an instrument, they allow you to create stories that will be told”.

The power of music has been recognized since ages ago. In ancient Greece it was believed that it imitated the emotional states of the soul and because of this it possessed the power of making people feel certain things. This wasn’t a mistake given that music is crucial in many peoples life. Its power is huge and I don’t mean the economical wealth surrounding it. I mean the creation of irreplaceable sensations.

Iomma © Solkes

Music has the capability of helping us, being our companion, teaching us, overwhelming us, give us joy or making us sad.

“There are people who spend their last years on a stage, others don’t want to sing anymore, and other don’t need to be famous to be happy”.

Like many other people in the music scene they have decided to learn how to play some instruments. It is of great importance when finding the harmony, the perfect rhythm, the beat. “I play the bass, guitar and I hold my own with the Peruvian cajón, I love its sound and the strength it gives acoustic songs. I play a little bit of piano.

Iomma © Solkes

I am very interested in minor percussion (Congas, Maracas, Bongo, etc…), Tiago says while Ioma states that “ a very long time ago I learned how to play the piano and the violin, although I am no professional”.

Their musical career began during their childhood. “Since where kids we enjoyed so much what we heard on the radio that we tried to imitate all the artists that we liked without caring about the genre”, Tiago tells me with a steady voice. “I would look for anything that looked like a microphone and would make believe that I was giving a concert”, Ioma tells me while remembering the old days.

All the music influences both directly and indirectly. This is why they are open to every genre and artist, to each note that vibrates in the air. Some of their influences are: John Mayer, Scorpions, Metallica, Hector Lavoe, Rocío Durcal, Cristian Castro, Ray Charles, Carlos Vives, Kool and the Gang, Adele, Jon Secada, Bobby Cruz, Celia Cruz, amongst others.

This being said, there is a woman who has influenced them more than anyone else: Ella Fitzgerald, she shines with a light of her own, she has this amazing energy that doesn’t let you look away. Her determination and moves on stage plus her amazing voice have been determining in our music“.


The plan

Being an artist and making a living from it has never been easy but they have never given up. Their idea has always been to let people identify them with a specific sound but at the some time to be unique. Iomma inst that tall (obviously, taller than me), thin body but with a rebel and potent voice. She dances like crazy, as if she believed that life would only last an instant and every second should be a celebration. On the other hand, Tiago is

The idea, the plan is to have a good long musical career. The idea is to lose themselves in the music and to live with and for it. “We want music to be a part of our everyday life. We have that division between space and time where music goes on and is a perfect fit.” To make some type of difference, to be someones musical discovery that would change their life, or at least the next several weeks of it, that is their ambition.

“We have decided to take a small writing block with us everywhere, you never know when inspiration comes by”.

Although they are a duet both on and off stage, first and foremost are people in love with the arts. They grew up under its power and acknowledge its strength. Both Ioma and Tiago have crystal clear ideas of who they would like to sing with. For Tiago, Reyli Barba, Mexican singer songwriter, would be a pleasure and his voice (Barba’s voice) is admirable. On the other hand, Ioma would love sharing a stage with Cristian Castro or writing a song with him.

It is no secret, Ioma and Tiago live for the music. Song writing is an activity better done as a team, it grows in their souls and soaks the world. They are in search for something new and it can easily be around the corner, when they are at a record store or drinking a cup of coffee. “Tiago writes the songs, I (Ioma) help with the structure and sometimes a word here or there. I also write but he has the inspiration – writing side of things very clear”, she says timidly between laughter. In terms of inspiration and the muse, well, it’s a necessary evil. Without a muse there is no inspiration and without inspiration no muse could help.

Iomma © Solkes


A band is like a marriage

As mistaken as it may sound, there are many who make up a band in order to become famous and start feeling the cash flow. They never think that it would be hard work, dedication and a learning curve. But in general terms, life is not as simple as a mathematical equation. Some people study music and others have an empirical relationship towards it.

Iomma © Solkes

A band is like a marriage. It is one of those collisions that must transcend all type of problems, putting a side the roller coaster life is, remaining together and in constant evolution. Having this stated, there are some who consider that “making it” is the same as fame, money, recognition and there are others who believe that “making it” is dedicating their life to music, writing, and having a place to play.

All musicians must develop their talent. Because of this, finding a musical style of their own is no easy task. “This is achieved through experience, after a lot of songs have come and gone. That personal style comes out in soft songs that explode later on and they take you by surprise making you leave your comfort zone n a very subtle manner”.

No matter what happens, Iomma and Tiago lose sleep, invest and go above and beyond because of their love for the arts. Determination, passion, commitment, and trajectory are a few choice words that describe them as artists and an example for those to come. Talking with them, seeing them on stage, allowing their songs go through our soul and their voice echo in your heart shows us that realization and happiness is found in the middle of the road and not by getting to the finish line.

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