A woman with a passion for literature

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Lis Claudette Conde Escudero, is the name of a woman dedicated to her vision of the world and her way of enjoying it.

Her love for art has taken her to a professional world that although very broad, is not valued enough. Undoubtedly, her lifestyle satisfies her. I invite you to meet her and investigate a little more about her works.

A short biography

Lis Claudette Conde Escudero was born in Mexico City on March 2, 1976. She is a lover of creation through letters and drawing. She loves knowledge, undertaking new projects and living different experiences.

Therefore, she studied a master’s degree in Literary Appreciation and Creation at the IEU University; one in Global Marketing and the Bachelor of Design in ITESO.

Lis Claudette Conde Escudero © Solkes

In addition, she is a proofreader, teaches workshops and conferences, teaches at the baccalaureate and undergraduate level and is part of the Jalisco Encyclopedia of Writers.

As we can see, Lis is a writer and an artist with an academic background. She is as simple, innovative, collaborative as they come.

It must be said that she does not fear the canonical canons.

Always dabbling, we see her dance between literary genres with a lightness and naturalness that leave an excellent taste of mouth.


Her muse

When I asked Lis about her inspiration she answered the following: “It is varied, sometimes think of a specific topic; others, in experiences or what you would like to explore through writing…”.

As we can see in the words of this young author, her inspiration, talent and dedication are boundless.

Even though she is an author with an active muse, she does not stop. We can say that Lis is in the splendor of life.


Work and projects

As a writer she has published five books: two of poetry (Tears of glass and Blood of the poet), one of short stories where she participated with other writers (Kaleidoscope) and two of children’s stories (The baby dragon – which is part of the Mochicuento and Submarinos project of paper – along with other writers).

Lis Claudette Conde Escudero © Solkes

When I met Lis I thought she was a children’s literature author. I also thought that she didn’t do anything else. Maybe I thought that because when we met we were very young and innocent and I thought writing a book was enough.

Lis Claudette Conde Escudero © Solkes

But obviously, that was the first impression. Impression that faded after our first conversation.

At that time, I discovered all of her projects in the literary as well as the graphic world.

In order to start talking about her projects, we will do it with Mohicuento, which is the first one I found about. This project is completely didactic and shows us Lis’s vision, instilling literature and art from a young age in a playful way.

It is a backpack and a story embedded in it. The children use their manual and motor activities on each page, inviting them to create and have fun.

In addition to everything we can see in her words that she has the market of the readers or her well-focused and identified audience, thus showing her skills as a writer.


“Due to my love of literature the Mochicuento project was carried out. It was inspired by children from 3 to 7 years of age to encourage reading and enjoy reading by being partakers of the story.”

Lis Claudette Conde Escudero © Solkes

She wrote a story – script entitled The Battle of Valeria as a direct result of her love, vision and future in the literary scenario. It is a multidisciplinary montage of Rafael Carlin and company, where dance, multimedia and acting come together.

It won the Proyecta 2017 award. This award provides support by the Jalisco government for artists to carry out their projects. It is currently in its third season of presentations and addresses the issue of bullying.

She has taught Literary Creation and Story workshops independently. As well as lectures and workshops-workshop to encourage reading.

Currently, she is working on a youth saga, which will consist, so far, of three books. It is not discussed much because it is still in developing stages and the less information that its published about it the better it is. She is considering the possibility of publishing a book of stories and another one of poetry.


The graphic designer

So far I have introduced Lis as the writer, but I remind you that Lis is extremely versatile. Her work as a writer does not detract from her work as a graphic designer.

As a designer, she decided to create the Liscedesign brand. They make handmade jewelry: medallions and key rings, where the designs are originals. They are based on the mandala, because she considers it an important element of self-knowledge and inviting consumers to internalize through the circle the colors and special requests for her to draw what everyone considers important to themselves.

Lis Claudette Conde Escudero © Solkes

This means that she has designs that have been designed by her and others inspired by her customers. As a result, she has thought about including books and bookmarks, also handmade, as well as extending to make earrings, so far, it is not known what else ideas arise.

What she wants


Lis Claudette Conde Escudero © Solkes

Lis Conde is a visionary woman completely empowered. She seeks to fill this world with art and show her talent without forgetting to transmit her knowledge.

Lis takes the time to create and continue teaching at the same time. Undoubtedly an admirable and commendable woman.

She has a vision of the market and what you can do so that your works are not stored in the drawer.

Lis teaches us that there is a mixture between the idea of ​​the bohemian author and the author by trade. Since she continues to preserve that romanticism of what it is to be an artist, she knows it, she thinks about it and lives for it but she also has her very clear objectives.

Translated By: Solkes

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