Buzzing around

What a wonder it is to see all the different types of bees. The seven bee families in the world have existed from the beginning of time.

The bee is always working for the queen. Time goes by, tick tock tick tock, it never stops and the bee keeps on working nonstop.

Allec Gomes for Unsplash © Solkes

In the golden fields where sunlight gleams, a tireless worker, a bee, it seems. With a diligent heart and industrious might it dances through petals, a spirited flight.

Floral patches amidst the gray on rooftop gardens, we find a modern worker, a city bee.

So essential for our survival. Giving us honey, royal jelly, and pollen, beeswax, propolis, and honey bee venom.

Today is saw a Honey Bee. Oh Honey Bee, please bring your sweet warmth. Make some honey for us, honey pure as gold and sweet as a flower.

Honey Bee Honey Bee, I truly hope you are always here. I will wait for you. I promise to guard and protect you.

Please, I beg you, come to my garden little bumblebees. We’ve grown so many flowers for you. I have planted flowers all over. Some lupins, foxgloves, and delphiniums too, all especially for you.

Imvemkat for Unsplash © Solkes

In this garden kissed by the morning dew, all colors bloom and dreams renew. All busy bees embark on a floral quest.

Petals unfurl in a kaleidoscope. Amidst blossoms, where fragrances blend, we find a symphony of scents, a garden friend.

On sunlit journeys, through meadows, they soar. A golden fuzz beneath the azure sky, a winged wonder, soaring high. Amidst the blossoms, nectar delight oh what a shimmering sight. A diligent worker, a black and yellow dancer, wild and free.

Aeron Burden for Unsplash © Solkes

So, come to my garden little bumblebees.

With lavender whispers in a fragrant rhyme, as bees gather stories, marking their time.

I love to eat some honey as I’ve loved it all my life. This honey tastes sweet, thank you, my yellow-black striped friends, for this fine treat.

Honey is a golden treat. Made by bees with great care. Its health benefits are very real. It is a symbol of love as it is a gift from nature. A never-ending reminder of the sweetness in life.

Oh, where do the bees go during the winter? I wonder because the flowers are gone. Flowers are constantly listening to the buzz of bees. During the winter time, these bees are supposed to huddle together inside their hive to form a cluster and they generate heat by vibration.

A dormant garden in the chill of snow, a bee with nowhere to go. A hushed symphony, a winter’s song, where echoes prolong.

Buzzing little honey bees, always chasing flowers in the breeze, swaying with them.

Buzz, buzz, buzz, take me to your honey tree. Hear the buzz, a vibrant melody.

Bumblebees, bumblebees, they are always buzzing near the trees. Their wings beat fast. A bumblebee, a painter’s delight, brushing strokes of color in the morning light.

Christos Gavriel for Unsplash © Solkes

Oh my dearest bees, what would we do without you? You are so dear to me. The colors you have, your wonderful stripes make me happy, make me bright. The black and yellow stripes on bees are a form of warning coloration. Warning all predators that bees are up for the fight.

Behold the colors of the buzzing bee. Stripes of amber, what a regal attire. A celestial dance in the soft daylight.

Buzzing, buzzing around. A ballet unfolds in the day. A golden band, wings aflutter just buzzing around. A whirlwind of glee, in the heart of the garden, wild, buzzing, and free.

While buzzing around the bees finally find their space amongst petals. Buzzing around, a harmony in the hive, a collective drum.

Bees are a tale of beauty, a song of sweet melodies. Bees are the spirit of the whispering flowers and trees. They are artisans of gold, transforming nectar into honey. In the hive, secrets are kept.

Translated By: Solkes

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