The silence of my solitude

I often wonder what life is really about. How is it that we have so much going for us and manage to screw things up so much? I am not talking about making mistakes, not at all. Mistakes are how we learn, and how we ultimately grow.

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Loneliness and solitude are often used in the same space yet they are not the same, not at all.

Lonely means sad because one has no friends or company. Solitude is much more complicated. It refers to the state of being alone without feeling lonely.

Sitting here, completely alone, O feel like a cloud… they are in the middle of a crowd and alone at the same time. Clouds float over hills, pastures, cities, woods, forests, the ocean, and trees.

I sit here, beside the ocean, beneath the trees, just fluttering and dancing in the breeze while the sand touches my bare feet. Near us, waves dancing.

The stars that shine never stop doing so, they are simply there, in a never-ending line.

Behind every single star, there is a dream, a desire, a wish.

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But, what if the stars stop looking at me? at us? who will look at them? Will they stop existing, being who they truly are? will they lose their sparkle? Is this even possible?

We should only think that stars are worlds built by the hand of nature, perhaps, there the spirits just wander around.

As the world spins faster and faster, people need a variety of ways to cope with the resulting pressures. Otherwise, we feel overloaded.

Often, when I lie in a pensive mood, I have a sense of solitude. I decided to be silent in that solitude.

I have come to realize that lonely is just one word chosen to represent so much.

There are feelings that the senses can not touch.

Lonely can be teardrops, it can be in the silence of sorrows too deep to speak, lonely can find you in the crowd near the clouds or under the sky.

Lonely can be heard, it doesn’t care for shattered hearts.

It may seem that solitude and loneliness are alike but all resemblance ends at the surface.

Loneliness is a negative state, marked by a sense of isolation.

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Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely. That being said, it is a positive and constructive state of engagement with oneself.

When a person is in solitude, they have sufficient time for reflection and growth.

On the other hand, loneliness is harsh, it is discontent marked by a sense of alienation.

Solitude is something you choose. Loneliness is imposed on you by others.

The fact is that every person needs moments of solitude.

Solitude helps us with needed perspective.

Solitude restores body and mind. Loneliness depletes them.

So, after much consideration, I shed a single tear because we are apart, wanting nothing but to make a brand new start.

Many lonely tears indeed. Suddenly, my mind goes wild, my body goes numb, and my heart begins to bleed.

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I searched and never found you.

I searched and never found an answer, an explanation, a sound, a shimmer of light. Nothing at all.

In the silence of my solitude, my mind can contemplate the things that were, that are and those that might have been.

I find that I’ve misplaced all my self-preservation and all of my reservations. But I’m still breathing on my own.

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