I dream a world

I dream of a world that is a little bit similar but very different… I dream of a world where no other man despises or feels undervalued.

I dream of a world where love blesses the land I walk on.

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I dream of a world where all are free to walk on roads, climb mountains, traverse paths, dig holes, and enter the depths of water, fire, air, and soul.
I dream of a world where greed no longer consumes the spirit.

Humanity rages like a storm, but I know the storm must pass. The tempest will subside after bending the branches. All the stars will appear as silence prevails over all.

People are still divided, but I find myself as a stranger to all and belong nowhere. It seems to me that we are reckless and narrow-minded in creating division among the children. Strangely, we seek union when we must destroy and inflict pain. Destruction of minds and souls.

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Others can deprive me of everything I possess. Others can and will try to break me but they cannot touch my truth.

My soul gives life by embracing the torch of love. The soul believes in the power of knowledge and justice over dark ignorance. My soul is my friend who comforts me in the misery and anguish of life.

I place a light in the window to direct the unknown through the darkness. I have exhausted my tears and can offer no more, but I place a heart that burns in agony again and again.

Where there is no answer and only guilt.

I dream of a world where no religion creates controversy and lies.
I dream of a world with no countries, only one sea and land.
I dream of a world where there are no wars for all to shake hands.

I stand amidst the roar of torment. I hold within my fist the remnants of what I thought was happiness. They crawl through my fingers into the depths as I weep. Oh, how I dream of change but it only fades further away.

Though the road is dark, I cling to hope and remain constant and true to my dream. I see that hope is a bright light that pushes away the darkness.

I see that hope is staying positive when the going gets tough. I see that hope is looking for more when others think you’ve had enough. I see that hope is dreaming of tomorrow.

Adam Berkecz for Unsplash © Solkes

At the beginning of our life, it is hope that guides us. With hope what we long for is possible, it gives us the strength to move forward when all seems lost.

We try to hold on to it because it gives us comfort in our worst moments, it inspires us to deal with the difficult and even the seemingly impossible to cope with.

Hope is a word spun from the heart. And, just beyond the horizon, is the inviolable evening star above the coal mines. The glow of the aurora borealis through a bitter winter night that comes always too soon.

In a winter you walk, with your back compressed and your body between layers. In a winter the colors are in the imagination we guard so jealously. I stand still as I contemplate the long dark nights of the season watching the blue hills.

We talk with our lips and dream with our souls, of a better and fairer day. And our moments slip and slip away. The world grows old and young again. I dream of a world that is a little like it but very different.

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