Why are we always talking about our roots? What does this mean? People always say: never forget your roots!

The truth is that there are so many phrases that remind us of the connection we supposedly have to our roots.  Roots clearly evoke the idea that we come from somewhere and should never forget.

But while the idea is quite simple, the idea that our roots are what made us what and who we are, it is by no means as straightforward as we are led to believe.

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For me, “roots” means the values, principles, and core spirituality that make me who I am.

The more we understand our spiritual side, the greater chance we have at finding inner peace.

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We are constantly told that we are nothing without our roots.

So, when thinking about trees I immediately thought about trees. I mean it is the perfect image. Let us analyze this image for a bit: every tree is different, with individual roots. Every tree grows in its own individual way with its own individual shape.

No other tree shares its roots. A tree can’t ever really forget its roots.

But, a tree has to grow beyond its roots in the same way that we have to grow beyond our baby shoes.

Also, roots aren’t the only thing that makes a tree what it is. Let me explain, there are leaves, branches, soil, rain, and wind, and lets not forget about the animals and insects that fertilize and aerate the soil and protect the tree by keeping pests at bay.

The idea that we need to go back to our past in order to become who we want to be is false (personal opinion).

But, there are facts that can not be changed.

1. Roots impact your past because they help us understand where we came from and how we developed into the person we are now.
2. Roots affect your life now because they help us remember what is valuable.
3. Roots impact your future because they help us determine what path to take to achieve the desired results and avoid repeating mistakes.

Returning to our roots allows, in many opportunities but not in all, understanding.  It lets us learn and better understand our heritage and where we came from.

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Sometimes it accelerates healing because it’s difficult to heal the pain that we don’t acknowledge. It also provides context.

Going back to our roots helps us with reconciliation. Sometimes grudges have existed for generations, building up bitterness, resentment and causing a physical or emotional separation from others.

It certainly gives us the opportunity to learn and grow. It lets us appreciate the familiar and grounds us.

Somehow roots are our foundation. But, the reality is that roots are all entangled. Finding our roots and trying to disentangle them is a pointless if not impossible task. If you want to do something truly amazing and admirable, then branch out and turn over a new leaf and do what is both wildly unexpected and absolutely necessary: cultivate entanglement.

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