About the chains: feeling stuck

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The world has changed from one day to another. It changed from a second to another. It changed as I blinked my eyes. I am now stuck. But, I am not the only one. You are stuck. He is stuck. She is stuck. They are stuck. We are all stuck.

B. Boop © Solkes

Stuck in this four walls, behind the door that hasn’t been opened. Trapped under the sealing, behind the windows and the curtains that haven’t flowed in a long time over the floor.

So that must mean I am too. I don’t want to be stuck but there is no other option. I was stuck long before. I didn’t want to be stuck then, and I don’t now. Long before they said we couldn’t go out, long before we couldn’t open the door I felt trapped.

B. Boop © Solkes

We think we have been free and yet we put chains all over life. One after another, with no end. We always say we won’t go back but we never break the cycle.

If I can’t be free, break the chains, release my self I’ll suffocate again. I am sure that I will lose myself and become the demon I so fear. That demon that attaches and creeps into my weakening soul.

Change has to take place. We all think that we are stuck because we can’t go out and walk amongst trees, plants, feel the rain, touch the snow. But, we have been stuck in our bubbles for way too long.

You can stay stuck all you want friend but you’ll never find me down there while you wallow.

So, I want to move on, but I am stuck. This is the problem for me and for all of us.
We are stuck on the memories, on what could’ve been, on wondering what went wrong, on wondering what more we could’ve done.

I’m stuck and sometimes I think I’m not going to win this fight with nowhere to go and I just don’t know what to do!

B. Boop © Solkes

We are too tired to sleep and too afraid to dream. At this moment, there are endless nights that lead to coffee and headaches. There are broken fingers, dead eyes small hearts, big and ugly lies. We are seeing the truth slowly come out. We are all in this together.

There are somen who don’t know where to go, where and how to move. Lights hanging from the rooftops and plants growing from the skies….

We are all feeling it now
It feels like we are stuck in an elevator. Neither going up nor going down. Wedged in the middle, stuck in between floors. Just paralyzed and not going anywhere. Just stuck there. Not moving forward. Not going back.

People are trapped inside a room, a hallway and a bathroom, and a kitchen and a living room. People are physically and emotionally trapped. Many feel trapped inside a relationship. Others are rapped inside a body or trapped at the bottom of a bottle.

Time has certainly changed. We only see our faces through the window sometimes the image is blurred. Even from this distance, we all see pain. Window frames that surround our dreams. But, it seems as if the seams around this glass get stronger everyday.

I’m trapped inside my mind and heart and soul. I want to go out! I think I am forgetting about the world outside this four wall. I don’t want to forget about the sound of the water hitting the ground.

B. Boop © Solkes

I feel like I’m alone here and no one is around. I’m getting claustrophobic, we are getting claustrophobic. As I bang the doors I wish I could get out. I wish I could go up or down. I just wish I could go somewhere else. But the doors won’t budge; the doors won’t open.

B. Boop © Solkes

I’m trapped in here and others are trapped out there.  Fate doesn’t really care. We are trapped by these walls and no one can get in.

I am now stuck. But, I am not the only one. You are stuck. He is stuck. She is stuck. They are stuck. We are all stuck.

Are we trapped because we want to be? Are we trapped inside this mind that only deals in make believe and fantasies? We need an escape route, a way out, a pause button.

Our truth is the following, no mater where we are, how much money we have, what we do… this is the bottom line: We are stuck between war and peace. Stuck between cradle and grave. Trapped between the earth and sky and can’t seeds, we can’t swim and we can’t fly. We are in an eternal moment, stuck between night and day. Stuck in our bodies. trapped between joy and sorrow, truths and lies!

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