Should we fear?

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The cowards hide behind the rules

– Jean Paul Sartre –

Should we fear? That is a question for the ages… and one that will not likely have an answer any time soon. I am no expert, nor I pretend to be, but there are a few things that I know for sure.

I know for a fact that the sun will always shine, it will rise from the east and set in the west. Naturally, the moon will be there and the stars will give light to the night.

I know for a fact that the waves will crash into the rocks and make the most gorgeous sound. The tides will come and go, every day, no matter what.

I know, or I pretend to know, that we shouldn’t be afraid of fear because fear is afraid of itself. People give into fear when you there is doubt.

Nessa Twix © Solkes

I know that fear makes people become the complete opposite of who they are. It drains every bit of confidence. A life ruled by fear is life without hope.

I’m sure courage and fear go hand in hand. I guess you could say that I am like an easily startled deer. I am sure of it.

I shall fear no more the extreme heat or cold. I shall fear no more the lighting breaking the heavens during a summer night.

I know that fear is like loving without being loved back, and fear is like leaving without being left.

I know that people, all kinds of them, no matter if they are filty rich or poor, educated or not will live and die. That they have a heart, they need air, rest and love.

I know we will have good and bad days and that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

But, when people fear what can not be explained things and situations tend to change. Relationships can been cramped by it.

One of the tings I fear the most is death, being forgotten, that my life had no meaning or impact. How I fear this!

Burials give me the creeps! It is cristal clear to me that in the empty field, the body waits to be claimed. The spirit sits beside it, nothing comes to give it form again.

I think about how the body is lonely. At night pacing the field, its shadow never far behind.

Lighting on a dark night…

Nessa Twix © Solkes

No one has ever said life was going to be easy, a ride on the park. But, every single challenge we face, we tackle, makes us or breaks us. We have strength inside us, we just need to reach.

I know that if you survive your demons and nightmares, if you survive the hell of a thousand faces you will come out the other side with sore, throbbing and lacerating memoriesBut, with a hope of a new life.

A life filled with possibilities, encouraging and uplifting thoughts filling every inch of your body and soul.

I also know that behind my eyes, inside me, a part of me has died: so, I had no option. I moved my bloody fingernails. I ran my fingers along it and found pink scars. So, now it is clear to me that I am scared of what might become of me, the real me.

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