My blood boils

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The blood boils every time I see how children are abandoned. Abandoned by adults who decided to be parents and then that being responsible for someone else was not for them.

Nessa Twix © Solkes

The problem lies in the fact that they decided to be responsible for an innocent person and then when things got rough.

The situations became somewhat delicate, when the nights were too long and the days too short, at that moment they decided that they were an thing and not a person and could get rid of them like a shirt they had bought in a store.

There is nothing wrong with not being a parent, with deciding not to have children. This is a completly valid life choice.

But the problem is in regards to those who decide to be parents and then change their mind half way there and just walk away.


The Problem

Consequently, abandoning a child or being incapable means that the ties that bind these people are broken. It is a break from which you can not recover. It’s a one-way ticket, there’s no turning back. The damage will be, in conclusion, irreparable.

Above all, they will be left without the protection they are obliged to provide.

This makes my blood boil with rage, despair, loneliness, anger.

Nessa Twix © Solkes

When loneliness is “imposed”, because the father or mother so decides, the child must assume and face it, but, without a doubt, with suffering and frustration.

The abandonment of minors not only causes or could cause physical and emotional damage, at the time it occurs, but also for the rest of their lives.

In general, those who have suffered this type of abandonment have low self-esteem, learning problems, social isolation, depression, anguish, sleep problems, aggression, self-destructive or reckless behaviors, among many other problems.

Of course they feel like this and suffer such consequences. Their first example of unconditional love and support was taken away from them.

That’s why my blood boils! My blood boils up because I can not understand how it is possible to do something like that. How is it possible to have so little emotion and empathy? How can they be blind to the fact that they are dependent and innocent and can not defend themselves. How can you not understand that the only thing they want is love?


The Aftermath

That emptiness that will seal their lives will be the cause of many attitudes. This problem will be reflected in the lack of satisfaction of that need for love, affection, caring attention, as only the mother is able to lavish the child.

Nessa Twix © Solkes

Why does the blood boil and feel indignation? So the question, in my opinion, should be: why not feel them?

This is pure indignation … how can we say that we are going forward if for many there is no hope. I feel pain for all those who feel pain when they have only given love and receive contempt and betrayal. it beaks my heart.

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