To the beat of the drum

Each person marches to the beat of the drum.
A sound track. Their sound track.

Nessa Twix ©Solkes

It will create a particular story, unique and perfect…
for each person as it knows individual struggles.

It will understand that there is no turning back,
Staying in the past whilst the
clock needles keep on turning.
It will never judge, reproach, avoid.

It will always give us wings
for us to spread and reach higher than expected.
It will plant in us a feeling
that no other person or thing may create.

It will open our eyes and minds.
It will travel through our bodies.

It may help us forget the most crushing pain.
It will help us remember that secret, that emotion that wrapped us.
It can teach us, it can show us new paths were to walk.

Thanks to it we walk barefoot
while the sand caresses our feet
and kissing black eyes.

Nessa Twix ©Solkes

It has taught me to listen to beat of the world,
the thumping of the flowers,
the delight of April showers.

We paint with notes and words
over the aged wall of a surrender city.
The music of the soul will always be our light
in those nocturnal streets
the music spins.

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