In Marry Poppin’s Bag

Such a beautiful horizon, like a jewel in the sun , for you a will be a seagull of your beautiful ocean. The bells are ringing, open up your doors to the world.


  Barcelona is like the bag Mary Poppins used to carry: inside it, there was everything!. A little bit of ocean, mountains, art, gastronomy and culture. The Catalan capital has all and for everyone. How did I notice, during my visits to this beautiful city, discovering it, is a great adventure and falling in love with the city doesn’t require a lot of effort. Barcelona has something for everyone.   [caption id="attachment_3248" align="alignright" width="300"] Nessa Twix © Solkes[/caption]

Where to start?

Let’s start by the food! The good thing about Catalan cuisine is that it is based in a Mediterranean diet, there is no lack of fish, meat or vegetables and all is cooked in delicious olive oil. It is always possible to find: Andalusian tripe sepia (Callos a la analuzia sepia) a delicious fish, Spanish tortilla, hake, chorizo in different varieties, a rich variety of cheeses, paella with shrimp and wine. It seems extraordinary bit in any neighbourhood shop, you can find about 13 varieties of olives and ham legs that you can see hanging from the roof.  

Streets with art

It is situated in the shore fo the Mediterranean. Barcelona is an international city with great cultural, commercial, financial and tourism importance. To my liking, where you can really appreciate the city is in the art that wraps the whole city in it, by walking its street are filled with its bewitched charm. At the end fo the XIX century and beginning of the XX century, Barcelona became one of the cities where the modernist movement developed more strength and personality. Painters, designers and architects left in the city an indestructible imprint that has forever marked the temperament of the city and its inhabitants. We must say, they were lucky to count among its children with the great and immortal Antoni Gaudí, the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. [caption id="attachment_3249" align="alignleft" width="300"] Nessa Twix © Solkes[/caption] Gaudí is one of those iconic people that transcend in the space and time. More than a century ago the Catalan architect. Antonio Gaudi started building the church the Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) and to the present day it is not finished. It is the masterpiece of Gaudi and the maximum exponent of the modernist Catalan architecture. Gaudi was in charge of the project with only 31 years of age. One of his most innovative ideas was the design of the high conical towers that excel and become narrower with height. According to 2011 data, it is the most visited monument in Spain, with 3.2 million visitors, followed by the Museo del Prado (2.9 million) and the Alhambra in Granada. But as I had said before Antonio Gaudi is a person who goes beyond a simple magnificent work. For this very reason you cannot miss the Park Güell, in the neighborhood of Health, Gracia district. Many parts are covered with pieces of ceramic or glass mosaic color mode, which is called trencadís. Because of its location outside the city and at a high altitude, this park is a corner of peace that contrasts with the noise and rush of the Catalan capital.  

Packed with tourists

Chinatown is always full of tourists. There are plenty of restaurants that never close and small pass-by hotels. One of the parts that I like about Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter. Starting with the simple name, which to my taste, inspires mystery. The Gothic Quarter is the hub of the city and where is its historic center. It consists of different neighborhoods that retain their own personality: the Jewish Quarter, Saints Justo and Pastor, Santa Maria del Pino, the Cathedral, Santa Ana, La Merced and the palace. [caption id="attachment_3250" align="alignright" width="300"] María Elvira Gaviria © Solkes[/caption] In this moment there are pieces of the first wall in Seo square, in front the Barcelona Cathedral. In the Ataulfo street there exists a gothic chapel that used to belong to the Minor Royal Palace of Barcelona and its known for the chapel of the Palace. Barcelona is las Ramblas, marines and tourists from all over the world that walk through it, see and buy. It is the most visited Street in Barcelona, with flowers, street artist, portraits and guiris.. lots of guiris (typical tourist almost always from the north). One of the places that I will never forget is the Barceloneta, adjacent to the ocean, a place that was occupied by fishermen, when they didn’t have half of the luxury they have today. Although it still has a small town-style, today it is a meeting point and the point where the live of the party starts. On the other hand, the Catalan capital counts with more than four kilometers of beaches that are seen flooded by tourists during the summer, since they are very easy to access from any point of the city, as the great offer of leisure activities that are situated around them. In Barcelona, there is no time to get bored: there are museums thought specially for children and cultural spaces that organize workshops in order to stimulate curiosity and knowledge, among others. Likewise the popular festivities and the big festivals are thought only for a children’s audience. But ok, the people who are early birds as I am, we cannot miss the breakfast at Palau de Mar and there we can also visit the Museum of Catalan History.  

Pure charm

Without a doubt, this Marry Poppins bag has been an unexpected discovery. And where to start? The narrow streets full of artist shops, craftsmen or small bars all make the pulse of the city. Relaxing in the Sant Josep Oriol square with small trees and busy bars. The bohemian environment is easy to access in the bar “Els Qatre Gates”, where in the past century the intellectual minds of that moment gathered. Going out to drink in the Raval or have a beer, two or three. [caption id="attachment_3251" align="aligncenter" width="996"] María Elvira Gaviria © Solkes[/caption] Undoubtedly, that this city attracts the majority of people. Outside of the most touristic circuits, there are alleys, that hide the genuine Barcelonese style and often unknown, including for those who live in the city. There are squares, cloister, passages, and rides that pertain to other epochs and that disinter a Barcelona that maintains the essence of the town in all its neighborhoods. Barcelona has a beauty and a special charm.]]>

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