When you travel

El Tornillo & la Tuerca © Solkes

We forget the unnecessary, the expectations are overflown, limits are exceeded, they fly with the adventures… when one travels, wings grow, one starts levitating every step.

When one travels we climb mountains as tall as our dreams, we cross rivers as deep as the loves of our lives, we take extensive walks as the patience of a mother.

When one travels the feelings become bigger, because we want to go further, but our courage comes and as time goes by we are capable to throw ourselves in unknown adventures.

When we travel we become wiser, it is to be understood to interiorise what we learned and not accumulate the information. The travels set us further form our family and friends, but we get closer and in touch with our inner self and at the same time we gain new family and friends.

When we travel the autonomy takes its strength and next to it, it makes us stronger, we know that it is not an end path but a path to explore.

El Tornillo & la Tuerca © Solkes

At the time of taking our luggage initially heavy, we take strength and to discover oneself with the world and not against the world. Each person that passes by our side is a part of our world and in some way or another they transform us.

Those bags, initially heavy, they become feathers, because we leave behind the unnecessary things and what we are collecting has no matter, but in spirit it is an enormous knowledge and it is left in our memories of life; the travel experiences are the most precious gifts we can give ourselves.

El Tornillo & la Tuerca © Solkes

When one travels, our learning become more intense and we start sharing what we need, basically out of necessity.

The masters of the world they make us wait from a simple task with their hands until a deep work from their hearts, it becomes parts of our academia, we are graduated with honors of the travels and life and with practice we become master of travels.

The best school is traveling, if you pay attention every person will always have something to teach us, because each and everyone one of us is an expert sat their work.

When we travel hours and hours in a seat of bus, airplane, truck car, motorcycle, and others, but the routes aren’t monotonous, they are extraordinary, changing landscape we understand the magnitude of space we live in, how small we are and how big we dream.

When we travel the time becomes undetermined, the hours are another thing, we learn to listen to the day and to the night and we get used to nature’s clock. The one that we enjoy the most when we travel is the sense of taste, to taste different flavors and some unknown to us. When we travel we live in the present and even though we are planning continuously to go the next place, the today is as new and magical that there is no comparison.

El Tornillo & la Tuerca © Solkes

In the path of the trip the rocks and continuous learning, the abysm are opportunities of new adventures, the cold a memory of the fragile that they are, the heat is the energy that charges us every morning; the days pass presenting something new, a renewed space waiting to be discovered.

When we travel we are owners of our destiny and which is our destiny? Well the one we paint and walk daily. When we travel we are introduced to an ocean of new experiences that enrich our hearts and fill us up with expectation and new dreams. The travel changes our perspective in life, the way of seeing people and the way we observe ourselves. When we travel we forget the unnecessary and we find inner selves.

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