Time gone

Nessa Twix © Solkes

Time was away
and at the same time it was here,
there were two frames of glasses,
coffee mugs,
slices of bread,
And two people but one pulse.

And they were neither content nor sad,
they had forgotten
how to speak
they bearly breathed
yet the music did not stop flowing.

They sat in a coffee shop
and waited together
but so alone.

On the other side,
so many miles away
camels crossed
the miles of sand.

Foto: Nessa Twix © Solkes

The desert was their own,
oh how they devided the sky amongst them,
the stars…
each got half.

They wanted more
but couldn’t make it happen.
So, they waited.

So many miles away
a room was suddenly rich
and the tiny spawning snow
had seen the light.

A day so gray
no sunlight yet light
The world is how we fancy it.

Nessa Twix © Solkes

Discomfort was palpable
there was tension but its wasn’t
clear why there was a gloom
over them.

Time was away and at the same time it was here,
the waiter did not come,
the clock did not forgot them
so time went by…

Her fingers flicked away the ash
from the cigarette
she wasn’t supposed to have
he bit his lower lip
a horrible nervous tick
they both shruged
knowing very well
they where not supposed to.

no one said a word.
It wasn’t easy to understand
what did or did not
take place.

The time was gone
time was gone
time was gone!

Time was away
life no longer what it was,
it changed and remained all at once.

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