It's not easy going back

By: Solkes
Photos: Nessa Twix

Unquestionably, expat life can be very exciting...

Happyou: galoping towards change

By: Solkes
Photos: Happyou

Nature doesn't have limits, neither does your happiness
- Catalina Rojas Gutierrez -

Conversations with María Vanedi

By: Laura Viera Abadía
Photos: María Vanedi

"Music is the manifestation of unity; art, physics, geometry, soul, mind, body, vibration … all in one."
- María Vanedi -

Fitness for the soul

By: Carlos Guerrero
Photos: Carlos Guerrero & Nessa Twix

It is interesting to observe how the body educates the mind...

The slow traveler

By: Solkes
Photos: Nessa Twix

A slow travel is about making conscious choices. It is about deceleration rather than speed...

Backpacking thoughts

By: Nessa Twix
Photos: Solkes

I learned to let go, I really love that.


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