Interview: Carlota Mayolo

By: Laura Viera A
Translated by: Solkes
Photos: Carlota Mayolo
“… es la filosofía de trabajar con y no en contra de la naturaleza: de observación prolongada y reflexiva …”
- Bill Mollison -

When I began my conversation with Carlota Mayolo I realized that I was completely unaware about the meaning of permaculture. I learned that it is a system of principles of agricultural and social, political and economic design based on the patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem.

It has many branches, some of them are: ecological design, ecological engineering or environmental design.

The term permaculture was first used by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in 1978.

Foto: Carlota Mayolo
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Well, so far so good. It was time for us to talk and I was nervous, which does not happen very often, but I felt that way. I did not know where to start. Then I simply dived into the subject.

One of the things that impressed me most, when we were talking was her frankness and freshness in the way she said things. No hidden agendas, just speaking frankly, saying thing just how they are.

Foto: Carlota Mayolo
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Carlota Mayolo was born in Cali - Colombia, lived there for 19 years and for the last 13 years had been living in Berlin - Germany. She is a cheerful woman, it turns out she wants to contribute more than a grain of sand in order to change the world around us.

As she let me know, permaculture is a design toolbox to co-create systems that remain in time: resilient systems that adapt to change and have the ability of self generation and change. It is a design that involves all aspects of life and that takes the essence of life itself to transform according to your needs.

And, the questions slowly began to flow.

Laura Viera A: Why is it important to understand and work on environmental issues?

Carolta Mayolo: at this moment our planet is being looted and carried beyond its limits with so much garbage. We are removing more nature than we give back and the planet is becoming sick. Without nature we cannot live.

Laura Viera A: Let's talk about Sustainable Landscapes for the Amazon ... tell me a little about this?

Carolta Mayolo: The landscapes of the Amazon are already sustainable in themselves and do not need any changes.

Laura Viera A: The best thing to do in Amazonas is to not go and let it be as it is.

Laura Viera A: Let's talk about environmental issues in general, why is it important for people to have awareness and a better "behavior" with the environment?

Carolta Mayolo:: Simply because if we want to live we need nature to be 100% healthy. If we do not have a conscience to take care of it and we continue behaving poorly with the environment, consuming deliberately and producing waste, we will have few years to live in this planet.

Laura Viera A: What problems have been generated in health and health issues because of environmental problems?

Carolta Mayolo: The most serious problem I see today is the scarcity of drinking water and the poor quality of food. It is filled with chemicals that kill the natural flora and fauna around them, erode the soil and generate thousands of diseases.

Foto: Carlota Mayolo
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Returning to the theme of permaculture, it is important to know that in different times it has been labeled as a stream of Ecological Agriculture. But, it goes further than that. And, the reason is that it's looking for a different way of doing agriculture, looking for ways and answers to make our lives more sustainable.

There are no standard recipes for Permaculture, but there are principles of design and simple ethics on which it is based. And the pillars are: caring for the land, caring for people and sharing resources.

taking care of the Earth means caring for the living and non-living things: soils, species, atmosphere, forests, animals and water. All actions must ensure that ecosystems are substantially intact and capable of functioning healthily.

With the care of people, mutual help between people and communities is encouraged, taking into account basic needs.

Sharing resources is the contribution of time and energy to achieving the goals focused on the care of land and people.

Laura Viera A: What inspires you to keep on doing this, to help others?

Carolta Mayolo: My inspiration to keep on doing this is that we only have one planet Earth and that this is wonderful. I think we all have the opportunity to grow and change, to achieve a healthier life with ourselves, with others and with the environment that surrounds us. So that idea inspires me every day to continue helping others find their way full of happiness and fullness.

Laura Viera A: Why do you think it is important to help?

Laura Viera A: Because helping helps me myself. When the other goes well radiates that tranquility and joy to others. So finally we are all giving the best of each one of us.

Laura Viera A: Faced with this issue, what do we lack in Colombia?

Carolta Mayolo: Trust, trust and trust each other. To see that the other is both part of your human genetics and consequently your family, to be really sincere with your word from the language of love, try not to judge all the time to others, to start being and doing That we want to be and do without fear.

Laura Viera A: What has been the most difficult so far?

Carolta Mayolo: Change state laws that do not promote diversity and food sovereignty.

Laura Viera A: If you were not doing this what would you do?

Carolta Mayolo: Being in my land planting a thousand fruit trees.

Foto: Carlota Mayolo
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Laura Viera A:Why do you focus your work in the Valle del Cauca?

Carolta Mayolo: Because it is the department where I am currently living./p>

Laura Viera A: Have you encountered absurd / complicated "realities"?

Carolta Mayolo: Our mind holds all the absurd and complicated barriers. It's just a matter of changing the mental paradigm we are in and we are already exploiting these. We are co-creators of life.

Laura Viera A: How do you work to make changes in the community?

Carolta Mayolo: I consciously try to be and do what I say, to be one with my thoughts and my actions.

Laura Viera A: What has been achieved so far?

Carolta Mayolo: Creating awareness of the need for a paradigm shift.

Laura Viera A: What do haven't you achieved?

Carolta Mayolo: I lack the life that lies ahead, my work is a project of life, it is my vocation. So I lack what I need to live..

Laura Viera A: You have the opportunity to say something to the readers .. what would you say?

Carolta Mayolo: Leaving the comfort zone is the key to change, happiness is always behind the ears and in front of the nose and the only permanent is the change.

The idea is that the individual is completely immersed and able to learn to use available information on territories, resources and ethics to meet local needs based on ecological and human foundations.

Foto: Carlota Mayolo
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That they should use wisely and keep the resources and the ethics in order to confront the local needs.

D After this conversation, I went with my head higher. I was thoughtful, a lot of information on topics too important. Stay with the desire to help more, to inform me and to learn to make our world a more sustainable place for all. The facts in permaculture give continuity or beginning to a natural system with a great projection to the future.



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