Expression Sales, dreaming with their feet

By: Gustavo Cano
Translated By: Solkes
Photos: Gustavo Cano

The Communications team from the Profesional Salseriana Schools spoke to the dance ensamble “Expression Sales”. They are a group of youngsters from the Salsesiana Schools under the direction of Yennis Patricia Ramírez Alarcón aka ‘mami yeni’ that are leaving a mark all around Cartagena because of their impressive talent and their “salesiana” spirit.

She has been uncharged of the artistic career of this teens and has been pivotal in their education towards becoming good christians and samaritans. The group is made up by: Yina Ramos, Jaisan de Ávila Cruz, Víctor Rivago, Jeremy Quintana, Juan Selgado, Melina Grey, María José Teherán, amongst others.

The group was came together in 2016, when several of its members found that they had common interesets; dance, a movement that was not so popular until then in the Schools. "Our process was a bit difficult. We did not have many ideas like other people, but we were fortunate enough to have a partner who knew choreographies of other groups and at the same time we were putting our two cents”, said Victor Rivago.

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They say that the union and joy makes them different from other urban dance groups in the Caribbean region and this is what motivates other young people of the institution to want to join this group.

The name "Expression Sales" just wants to synthesize the explosion of feelings between joy, union, and corporal expression. "We want to leave a legacy. We want the group to grow and to go on. Many of us are close to retiring. We would like other young people to be motivated in dance and show the community that not everything in the school is football and basketball, that there are also other activities such as urban dance," said Jaisan de Ávila.

"Expression Sales" is leaving a legacy in the Salesian Professional Schools and the Caribbean region. Several presentations have already been made at the San Buenaventura University, Colegio Santa María, and in Barranquilla.

Many want to be like them. Anyone would think that in order to be part of the group you would have to have an advanced career in dance, but you only need joy and desire to do so. "The only thing that is required to be in the group is to dream with their feet," said the members.

The first presentation

"Expression Sales" was presented for the first time at the institution's coliseum in 2016. They remember this experience and smile together. They said that they felt a lot of nerves, they felt a lot of distrust even when the whole coliseum was overwhelmed with its presentation. In the same way they state that everything that has happened is thanks to "mami Yeni”. It was she who stood by them, supporting, teaching, instilling in them patience, effort and teamwork.

Photo:Gustavo Cano/br>© all rights reserved.

In view of the FAS

The Urbana dance group wants to participate in the Salesian Artistic Festival (FAS), which presents the great talents of each Salesian work at a national level. They claim to be ready for a competition of this level, they want to break the charts and overflow with their atalent without forgetting the cultural identity of the Caribbean.

Expression Sales is the living manifestation of the Salesian joy of which our founding father, Don Bosco, spoke. From dancing and music these young people find a way to reach holiness.



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