Fitness for the soul

By: Carlos Guerrero
Translated by: Solkes
Photos: Carlos Guerrero & Nessa Twix

Foto: Nessa Twix
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In recent years, the fitness world has experienced a boom. In return this had made people more conscious about their health. of having a balanced life style and practicing sports.

Consequently, twos leads to a healthier lifestyle and extends positively to every aspect of peoples lives.

While it is true that a high number of people who maintain a physical activity do not dedicate their time exclusively to this, in many cases this may be the most dynamic moment of their day.

Finishing a days work, studies or the daily routine to undertake a particular physical training, acquiring new knowledge and set of skills is a necessary attitude that all people should have.

Foto: Carlos Guerrero
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For the FIT4SOUL team of trainers, the world of fitness has been a wonderful experience.

This has generated in not only physical results but also a personal ones. It has changed the way we think and make decisions, given that having discipline and a hobby like this, develops character and strength for every day activities.

Every time we exceed our physical quota, and achieve more strength, our daily life are filled with more self confidence. Being able to tolerate a more demanding training schedule means that we can put up with more working challenges.

Photo: Nessa Twix
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Without a doubt, with physical activity many of us pursue a feeling of indescribable well-being at the end of each session, which in essence is the fitness for the soul.

It is interesting to observe how the body educates the mind taking into account that the mind is the one that controls peoples behaviour.

Photo: Nessa Twix
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But in truth it is incorrect to say that people are only physical and not intellectual beings or vice versa.

As a matter of fact, we live in a world where technology and networks have transformed the labor field and that makes us sedentary people.

However, through the technological tools we have today, we can learn faster how to educate our body and there is no excuse not to get up from the desk and to move the body a little.

So, what are we facing? As mentioned before, social networks provide us with access to knowledge and therefore in the fitness world you can find much of what benefit us, whether exercise routines, feeding plans and supplementary products.

But, we must be aware that there is a media revolution in the fitness world, and it is soaking the sport environment. Due to the constant appearance of people that thanks to their knowledge or ambitions attract attention. The offer advice, tips or products that in many cases can harm them.

Foto: Carlos Guerrero
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Ignorance is very dangerous because in this case we are talking about our health. More over, many myths are created at the beginning stages of our training and they stall the progress. We must acknowledge that we are at the high point of the fitness boom, but every trend is temporary. However, we must see this as a positive thing. What really matters is that people continue even after the hipe is gone. And, why not? Those of us who stay have the responsibility of showing others that more than a trend it's a healthy lifestyle. It is an activity that, besides bringing physical benefits, also nourishes the soul.



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