Green, give me light

By: Nessa
Photos: Solkes

Photo: Solkes
© all rights reserved.
Animals are one of the greatest things to exist
and yet we often fail to appreciate them.

Unique identities: fierce and playful.
They have it all
and are not afraid to show their true colors.

Its amazing how
the wolf howls in the darkness,
and the moon reflects in her eyes.

At night in the forest
the wild fox creeps out.

Fish caress the water
in every move,
with every flow.

it is all around
It's up on the trees
and on the grass.

Green is the color of
the plants that grow all around us

Photo: Solkes
© all rights reserved.

Yellow flower, grieving flower, pale flower,
Red flower, thirsty flower, young flower
aged flower, matured flower, pristine flower.

You were burnt by the sun and the hot rain.

Photo: Solkes
© all rights reserved.
Flower you are here during the romantic and somber moments,
with exceptional beauty that merits great admirations
your sweet and delicious liquor is beyond words.

All the green disappears
when it starts to snow
all the green comes back
when the sun shines through.

Spring is a miraculous experience.
The world comes alive after the winter in which it seemed that everything was dead.

Spring oh the hope you give…
to renew the excitement and zest for life that lives inside.

Give me sunlight, give me breath,
give me passion
Give me belief in kindness,
second changes
and no death.



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