Sleeping Deep

By: Solkes
Photos: Nessa Twix

Winter is when the whole world seems to go to sleep.
The weather is cold, the ground is hard.
Silently walking through the shimmering snow
that covers the sorrow of days gone by.
Freeze, freeze acrid sky.

Autumn has finally come and gone,
the silent death of the trees,
the change in colors,
the smell of freshness is ever so crispy, so delicate.

Freeze, freeze acrid sky,
violet, orange and brown held us together.

Photo: Nessa Twix
© all rights reserved.

Now we are surrounded by the winter white
a precious sight
the wind carries whispers.

Your sting is so thorny.
oh in the winter white.

Time moves on, more and more,
It’s getting colder than it was before.
The weather is cold, the ground is hard.

Yet another winter is upon us
bodies go numb
looking forward to the frost and snow
many are the nights spent near the fire
watching the smoking renmnats glow.

This winter night is a
Starry night, starry night
such a wonderful sight.

Photo: Nessa Twix
© all rights reserved.

Timeless thoughts
eyes gazing over a nude landscape.

All memories drift
dying lights in the freeze.

Stories where carved by candellight
and winter is cold, with blasts of snow.

The snow they desire
The snow is deep,
in its whiteness snowy days bring silence between us.



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