Burning wind

By: Nessa Twix
Photos: Nessa Twix

Photo: Nessa Twix
© all rights reserved.
In the burnt wind,
the murals curl with radiance,
Painted by burning weeds.

The houses have their balconies opened
in the old town in the spacious squares.

In the ample deserted rectangle
there are banks of stones and trees
That draw their jet black shadows on the white sand.

The summer sets its tranquil color
Over all its leaves;
And the wind agitates once again.

The sand gives light to the beach,
a tranquil ocea,
empty is the dust that drags to another place.

The horizon is seen the farthest from the sun,
And at night the sky is seen with millions of stars.

Photo: Nessa Twix
© all rights reserved.

And, far away the earth is seen and the light shines upon it.
In the mediterranean the waves are breaking.

I could contemplate the page of the sky
I could hear the roots shake,
and discuss with the floor,
I could talk to the breeze.



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