The rags of your love

By: Gustavo Torres Herrera
Translated By: Carolina Correa
Photos: Solkes

Dear companion of my days,

To think it was true that your eyes saved a hidden illusion, when our sight crossed for the first time. That it only took a few days to continue step by step affected by the bewitched movement from shoulders to your hips; that when I felt your lips eager to love, with your first kiss I was encouraged to believe in love; that was not even up to when I will continue reviewing the suns and moons of a time in which we believed in planting our forever love in mind and souls and have those feelings within our hearts, when we sealed our alliance in a bed to weave illusions and speak for the first time about our old age.

Contrary to what I denied believing, the time of our good bye has come. After a time that you have denied the bribe of my caresses and kisses, for that I decided to pack my bags, as perhaps you have always yearned for this moment. You, well know I tried to save our decaying relationship, hast when you first started thinking exclusively in it and to give free rein to your pride. I should recognize that the egoisms took over, you didn’t know how to prioritize and you got taken away by commitments which demanded all your time.

Photo: Nessa Twix
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Debo reconocer que pudo más el egoísmo, porque no supiste priorizar, y te dejaste llevar por los compromisos que demandaban todo tu tiempo.

Although this is no the moment to think about sadness or measure hope, without caring if it is raining outside, my heart is deluge, to be fair for sharing this time with you. I need to leave clear how we distribute what really counts between us so I pose the following:


1. The caresses that you left over my skin, your kisses over my body and the promises of your love diluted by the wind.

Photo: Nessa Twix
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2. I am taking the memories, to suture them in a melody that you are all absorbed in, so as not to leave the forgotten what it was with you the time of total dedication, graft of happiness, and faith.

3. I will stay with my silent screams to love and the despair of waiting for your change.

4. I will take with me the tiredness of always loving you.

5. Although I am leaving with the shine of my darkened eyes of disillusion, I will not leave you how you want me to. My shoulder humiliated by the heartbreak nor my shaggy head between the clouds of melancholy.

6. I am leaving with the uncharmed of our love that arose at a dawn, when the thick taste of cloth dried our mouths and it prevented us from saying good morning to each other.

7. I will go with my words toward the winds, from the ones that I spoke that were permitted to stay in a void, as when you looked at nothing gray and they swallowed you slowly.

8. I will go with my sadness, because you didn’t let what our love was supposed to be.

9. I will take with me the indifference that you let our love grow slowly.

10. I will go with my craziness and obsession to travel all my live next to you.

11. I will go with my nervousness and recognition of my errors.

Photo: Nessa Twix
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1. You can stay with your concerns that tie your thoughts, after reading this letter.

2. Your testimony of experience to end what was ours.

3.. The dream of your ambitions of the uncertain reality.

4. As I am without interest, stay with your momentum that has so often a haughty look. Also keep the contempt reflected in your dour face of recent weeks.

5. I will leave you with my forgetfulness, those days will be like a cry that will weigh on your soul.

6. I will leave you with the emptiness of our bed, but as time or circumstances begin to erase those hieroglyphics stamped in those sheets of passion.

7. Stay with the time that you did not permit to nourish our relationship.

Photo: Nessa Twix
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8. I will leave you all my heart, hope made reality by my departure from your life.

Knowing you as I know you, you have already realized that there are more “things I am staying with" that “things you can keep”. But think in the justice as what I am taking with is not much, because you stole my heart. But to be truthful I am leaving with the only thing you truly left me: the rags of your love.

Let me apologize for forgetting to mention the most important point for you. With respect to what we have acquired and shared during our coexistence, do not worry, the material things are only objects. From this we will talk about it later…Your EX – THORNE.



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