Our planet

By: Nessa Twix
Photos: Nessa Twix

We need our planet much more than it needs us

Sembratón, changing the planet

By: Lenniz Urbina
Photos: Lenniz Urbina

The massive sowing event called upon people to work for their natural resources

The ecopark: leaving a print

By: Jennyfer Cárdenas
Photos: Jennyfer Cárdenas

Colombian mountains keep amazing treasures

Interview: Carlota Mayolo

By: Laura Viera A
Photos: Carlota Mayolo

Our planet is being looted and carried beyond its limits with so much garbage

The hours in Nuremberg

By: Solkes
Photos: David Türk

Nuremberg, a free city of the empire

Green, give me light

By: Nessa
Photos: Solkes

Animals: fierce and playful.


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