Coming to the end

By: Laura Viera A
Photos: Nessa Twix

"The fear of the end is always there. It's constant, waiting for its chance."
- Nessa -

Manuelita Foundation

By: Malaca Gomez
Photos: Fundación Manuelita

Let's support each other. Give each other a hand.

Simply Sugey

By: Laura Viera A
Photos: Mariana Castillo

For her, labels generate limits...

Antibes: region of endings

By: María Elvira Gaviria
Photos: María Elvira Gaviria

Antibes has experienced many beginnings, sunsets and rebirths.

La Palma

By: Imelda U
Photos: Hari Moreno Leon

La Palma is an authentic nature bath.

Eternity of Endings

By: Solkes
Photos: Nessa Twix

I feel motionless.


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