My son is perfect

By: Juanita Bernal Sanint
Photos: Carolina & Correa Nessa Twix

The idea is that they become well hearted people, raised within the ethics and morals that contribute with their values ​​to society...

Special Smiles

By: Laura Viera A
Photos: Fundación FEL

If you laugh at a child who is different, he will laugh with you because his innocence surpasses your ignorance

The city drawings

By: Laura Viera Abadía
Photos: Laura Viera A & Christian Rothenhagen

Christian Rothenhagen is a kind, down to the earth, chill and true artist
- María Vanedi -

Expression Sales, dreaming with their feet

By: Gustavo Cano
Photos: Gustavo Cano

union and joy makes them different from other urban dance groups in the Caribbean region...

Somewhere and Something Ideal

By: Solkes
Photos: Diana Perez Rueda

"Heidelberg...something ideal"
- J.W. Goethe -


By: Ilona
Photos: Nessa Twix

Most people enjoy stability. The enjoyment of security is often destroyed by change.


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